About Us

Dee's Donuts is a mini donut company born in Whistler, BC & is dedicated to providing high-quality, hot & fresh mini donuts. We aim to make each visit about the experience and show as much as tasting the mini donuts themselves.

We use a unique patented mini donut machine that provides a mesmerizing journey for each mini donut from batter to bag. The guest will watch their donuts made fresh in front of them. The mini donut machine then creates the delightful little donuts, dropping little ringlets of batter directly into the hot oil. The donuts will flow around a spiral navigating the fryers maze as guests watch through the protective plexiglass (perfect photo op for a #donutselfie), getting flipped half way through by the flipper for an even golden brown colour.
Donuts are a traditional cake donut batter, served piping hot – your choice of plain, tossed in cinnamon and sugar or dress them up with specialty toppings.

Our booth and tent are black by design, to highlight the reclaimed wood signage created by local tradesman John Harris, the shiny stainless steel machine, and the golden donuts of course!


Where to find us!

When we aren't doing special events we can be found at your local sea to sky farmers market, festivals or community events. 

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Special Events

Imagine hot fresh mini donuts made right in front of you, exclusively for your guests... We can work with your budget and special requests to design a catering experience that's right for you.

Contact us for a custom quote for your event today. 

We offer hot and fresh mini donuts that are perfectly plain, even better with cinnamon sugar or if you are looking for a unique offering then dress them up!

Combine delicious Dee’s Donuts with Signature flavours & for an additional cost we can create a unique product offered only at your event. 

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